​​​Joyce Graham, Author

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the entrance door to the sanctuary inside you.

​                                                                  ~ Rumi


 The Path: Accessing Joy

Available Fall 2016

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Joyce L. Graham is the author of the novel, The Healer, and the nonfiction book, The Path: Herbs, Homeopathy, Holistic Healing. She is in the writing process of her new book, The Path: Accessing Joy with a release date in 2016. 

Joyce has committed her career to health and wellness for over thirty years. She is blessed to live her dream of writing so she may use her knowledge and talents to help others. 

The Healer, her debut novel is an exceptional thoughtful and well researched read that will rivet readers with its modern look at ancient holistic healing. Follow Naturopath, Angela Grayson as she discovers the conflicts with healing at a tender age. Compelled and curious to help others, she reaches out to her Southwestern Grandmother, a Native Healer, as her mentor in the ancient natural healing way. Angela is torn between holistic healing and the Western traditional medicine when her Mother encounters a difficult illness. 


Here's a rose of rare beauty

Ignores the seasons' time

Blooms amongst the snowflakes

Its own internal rhyme...

~ Sylvia Seroussi Chatroux, M.D.

                                                (Quote from The Healer)