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New Book:
” Accessing JOY”

 In the writing process now. Writing a new book is always an exciting journey. I love the work and process.
Release date 2015

Fiction Series in process to follow  The Healer 
The Hero   (book number two in the series)
At Home    (book number three in the series)





The Healer Cover

The Healer
 by Joyce L Graham

Joyce Graham’s debut novel is an exceptional thoughtful and well-researched read that will rivet readers with its modern look at ancient holistic healing. Follow naturopath Angela Grayson as she discovers the conflicts with healing at a tender age. Compelled and curious to help others she reaches out to her southwestern grandmother, a Native Healer, as her mentor in the ancient natural healing ways. Angela is torn between holistic healing and the Wesyern traditional medicine when her mother encounters a difficult illness. A superb story with well-drawn characters to engage a reader in today’s modern look of regaining and embracing alternative methods of healing.


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NOW  available The Healer and The Path:Herbs, Homeopathy, Holistic Healing  as an ebook on Amazon  

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The Path

The Path:Herbs,Homeopathy,Holistic Healing
Volume One

Six heart centered natural healing practitioners from different specialties contribute to this easy helpful resource. Brigitte Mars an herbalist, teacher and author from Boulder shares 10 herbs and teas, Dr Randel Wing a naturopath, and Oriental Medicine Doctor describes Chinese medicine and health.
Joyce Graham writes on 9 different homeopathic remedies that are easy to use, Mindy Green an herbalist and teacher describes auromatherapy and its uses, Jacqueline Bambenek writes on her personal healing journey. Wonder Bob describes the pealing process using native american, shamanic, and  energy techniques learned from many masters.

* Available for purchase now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble 
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